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The questionnaire of the OrganicDataNetwork

About the questionnaire

The questionnaire of the OrganicDataNetwork for its 2011, 2012 and 2013 survey was developed by the Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL), the Agricultural Market Information Company in collaboration with the partners of the OrganicDataNetwork.

The OrganicDataNetwork project uses a questionnaire covering

  • Area and production data
  • Livestock numbers and production
  • Retail sales data
  • Export and import data
  • Operator numbers

The questionnaire consists of several sheets:

  • Table 1: Information on data providers, data sources, key indicators on organic agriculture
    This form also covers the key data on the organic sector in your country (area, production, market, export, import, operators).
  • Table 2: Information on registered organic operators
    This form covers the number of organic operators by operator types.
  • Table 3: Information on organic area and plant products (including primary products primarily processed)
    This form covers information on organic areas (in hectares) occupied by each crop and production volume (in tonnes) and values.
  • Table 4: Information on organic livestock and organic livestock products; organic aquaculture
    This form covers information on livestock by species (in heads).
  • Table 5: Information on the organic domestic market
    This form covers products for the domestic market. If available please also fill in the domestic market data by marketing channel.
  • Table 6: International trade data
    This form covers imports and exports. If our form is not detailed enough please send original files with data.

Whereas the sheets on area, livestock, production and operators follow the Eurostat questionnaire on organic farming, the sheets on domestic retail sales international trade and have been built according to the CPA classification of the European Union.


OrganicDataNetwork questionnaire


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