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Work packages

The work of the OrganicDataNetwork project  is carried out in nine work packages.


The work packages of the OrganicDataNetwork at a glance

  • Work package 1

    Work package 1: Stakeholder integration and coordination centre

  • Work package 2

    Work package 2: Inventory of organic market data collectors

  • Work package 3

    Work package 3: Evaluation of existing methods of organic market data collection

  • Work package 4

    Work package 4: Collection, handling and publication of organic market data

  • Work package 5

    Work package 5: Development and test of methodologies for data quality improvement

  • Work package 6

    Work package 6: Case studies on improving data quality in selected countries/regions

  • Work package 7

    Work package 7: Synthesis and recommendations

  • Work package 8

    Work package 8: Dissemination

  • Work package 9

    Work package 9: Project coordination and overall management

The work of the OrganicDataNetwork

OrganicDataNetwork will collect currently available data on organic markets in Europe, EFTA and candidate countries and make them available in both paper and electronic format (database).

The new inventory will help in overcoming the current dispersion and fragmentation of data sources that reduces the transparency and availability of organic market data at the European level.

Common methodologies and criteria for quality improvement of available data will be subsequently developed and tested.

Consistency checks will be performed by using equation models and other data quality tools.

Where possible, the available data on trade flows will be used to calculate national supply-balances.