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OrganicDataNetwork mentioned in the new European Action Plan for Organic Food and Farming

The new action plan, which was launched on March 25, 2014, the OrganicDataNetwork project is explicitely mentioned.


Specifically the action plan says:

"Availability of statistical data is essential for shaping, monitoring and evaluating the implementation of the Union's policy for organic production, in particular as to knowledge on the production sector, on prices along the organic food supply chain, on trade, on consumer preferences, and specific marketing channels. The European Commission is funding aresearch project "Data network for better Europe an organic market information - Organic datanetwork" aiming to increase the transparency of the European organic food market through better availability of market intelligence about the sector.

Further efforts to gather, analyse and disseminate existing data will increase transparency and confidence in the organic sector.

To better evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of the implementation of the EU legislation there is also a need to improve knowledge on how the added value is distributed alongside the chain and to what extent it bene
fits the agricultural producers (Action 9). The attractiveness of the organic production sector for small holdings and microenterprises, in particular as regards obstacles and attractiveness to enter the organic production scheme is also an important element in relation to the implementation of the new CAP.

A review of the progress of the Action Plan will be conducted in 2020.

  • Action 8: The Commission will publish regular reports on organic production in the EU, containing in particular information on surfaces, holdings involved in organic production as well as main production sectors.
  • Action 9: The Commission will :
    • Analyse the distribution of added value along the food supply chain.
    • Analyse obstacles to join the organic sector through a survey on the attractiveness of the organic scheme, in particular for small farms, and small and medium sized enterprises in the food manufacturing sector."


EC.Europa.eu:  Action Plan for the future of Organic Production in the European Union (2014)