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Survey about market data availability in Europe started

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As part of the OrganicDataNetwork project (work package 2), we have now developed a survey to ask various organisations involved in organic market data about the type of data they collect, and their approaches to data collection, analysis and publication.The survey is led by the project partner Organic Research Centre (www.organicresearchcentre.com).

This survey will give us a greater idea of who collects organic market data and how they go about it. The results will feed into many other aspects of the project.

The questionnaire has already been sent out to a large number of data collectors.

However, if you have not yet been contacted and feel that you would have interesting information for us then please contact Catherine Gerrard or Anja Viehweger of the Organic Research Centre Elm Farm and let us know and we can send you details of the survey.


  • Catherine Gerrard, The Organic Research Centre - Elm Farm
  • Anja Viehweger, The Organic Research Centre - Elm Farm


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